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Ten Day Challenge - A delve into the archives, starting with 'Islandness'.

I've been invited by @kirstylorenz to dip into the archives for a #tendaychallenge. Towards the conclusion of her own series of recents posts Kirsty arrived at the subject of islands, or 'islandness', and this (I am flattered to say) led her to think of my work.

So this is where I shall begin, with 'A Place For Loss' (2015). The first work I made after moving to Edinburgh, and inspired by the Bass Rock, just off the coast from North Berwick. The story is that I had begun to make a postcard sized sketch (now lost) in pencil, in the very small room I was renting, trying to at least make some kind of start as best I could in what was a completely unfamiliar place. A couple of days later I took a trip to North Berwick, where as anyone who has visited on a sunny day will know, the Bass Rock is a very prominent and glowing presence. I had heard of Bass Rock, but had no idea at all where it was in our U.K archipelago. I remember being deeply struck by the resemblance to the sketch I had begun.

Later in the same week I heard that there was a possible studio space available, which proved to be a very welcome piece of good fortune, sharing with the lovely @imogenalabaster. When visiting I noticed that Imogen had many inspirational pictures on the wall, but I did not recall any particular 'landscapes', other than an easel which had only one photograph on it - an image of Bass Rock.

A couple of years later A Place For Loss featured on The Island Review, which I would highly recommend to those drawn to islands and coasts.

During these ten days I will show images which are not currently published on my Instagram, from at least 5 years ago.

A Place For Loss Pastel, graphite, ink, on paper 80 x 60 cm 2015


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