Talisman Fine Art, London

Gallery and art dealer specialising in symbolist studies, pastoral & visionary art, and romantic landscape. I have a selection of work available through the gallery.

& Gallery - Art gallery - Edinburgh

Contemporary art gallery which moved to a fine setting in Edinburgh's Dundas street during 2019. Owner Avril Nicol works with artists from Scotland and beyond, including Andrew MacKenzie, Jana Embury, James Lumsden, and Mary Morrison.

Andrew MacKenzie - Visual Artist

Contemporary artist living in the Scottish Borders. Andrew is a past president of Visual Art Scotland, and creates work in a mixture of mediums, combining a deft sensibility for landscapes imbued with architectural forms. 

Coburg House - Art studios and gallery - Edinburgh

A creative hub in the heart of Leith. Comprising artist studios, a shop selling their wares, and an exhibition space that is available for hire. I exhibited there in 2018, and the experience was a very good one, largely due to the facilitation provided by David Schofield.

Corbel Stone Press - Writing and music

The small press of artists Autumn Richardson, and Richard Skelton. Currently located in the Scottish Borders, they produce and publish music and art informed by landscape and nature. Their collective output is an ongoing source of tremendous inspiration for me. 

Detail Framing Studio - Fine art framing service - Edinburgh

Providing a framing service for artists and art buyers, counting me amongst their customers since opening in 2016. Jamie (now a joint president of the SSA) always gives time and thought to selecting framing options, and the quality is consistently excellent.

Jon Buckland - Writer / reviewer / compendium

A writer on music and film with an extensive knowledge of and passion for those art forms. Jon also compiles Night Terrors, "a monthly traipse through the latest dark and esoteric soundscapes." We have collaborated on a couple of musical projects of our own in Finland.

Keith Hackwood - Psychotherapist

A vastly experienced psychosynthesis therapist, supervisor, meditation teacher, and regular speaker at various conferences and events. Keith works with clients locally in person (south Wales), and internationally online. Have a look at his website, and sign up for info on forthcoming webinars and courses.

Kenris MacLeod - Textile artist

An incredible and unique talent, Kenris creates machine embroidered images of trees, forests, and various arboreal scenes. I had the honour of showing work alongside Kenris at our exhibition 'A Darkening Thread' in Edinburgh, 2018. Join the growing list of commissions, quick!

Mark Jones - Astrologer

Mark in an internationally renowned astrologer and therapist. Author of several successful books, Mark teaches regularly in the U.S.A, and holds occasional masterclasses at his home in Wales. Readings can been booked via his website, where you will also find webinars, and access to his school for learning astrology.

Norman Bissell - Author / Poet

Native to Glasgow, and now residing on one of Scotland's western isles, Norman is a poet, writer, and director of the Scottish Centre for Geopoetics. His works include a book of poetry 'Sea, Slate, and Sky', and most recently Barnhill, a semi-fictional novel about George Orwell and his life on Jura. 

Rowan Paton - Visual Artist

A graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, and Yale, Rowan creates imagined landscapes using paint and print techniques. Rich in colour and no stranger to a sense of playfulness, Rowan's bold canvases and wall drawings are invigorating and powerful works.

Scottish Centre for Geopoetics

Stemming from the work of writer and academic Kenneth White, Geopoetics seeks ".. a new or renewed sense of world, a sense of space, light and energy which is experienced both intellectually, by developing our knowledge, and sensitively, using all our senses to become attuned to the world, and requires both serious study and a certain amount of de-conditioning of ourselves by working on the body-mind."

Society of Scottish Artists

An organisation comprising artists living in, or with a connection to Scotland. Offering regular exhibiting opportunities and an established body of members active in the arts, I was delighted to be elected a Professional Member in 2019. 

Visual Arts Scotland

A leading platform for contemporary fine and applied arts, VAS exhibition are rich in diversity of creative forms and expressions. The membership rangers from painters to jewellerys, ceramicists, and sculptors.