Art Psychotherapy & Creative Mentoring

An important aspect of my engagement with art and creativity involves working with others to nurture healing and fulfillment of the creative vision. I offer two distinct services, both of which I approach from my combined experience as an artist, and a therapist. Whilst there are natural similarities and overlaps between the two, the key differences lie in these areas; is your initial motivation for seeking assistance your mental and emotional wellbeing, or developing your artistic vision?; the style of relating between us during the sessions; boundaries and practical arrangements; the frequency and regularity of meetings. 

Please feel free to contact me with any enquiries or questions. This page is currently under development....

  • As a qualified and registered practitioner, I am offering Art Psychotherapy online, or in person, for children, young people, and adults of all ages. This is a type of psychotherapy primarily focussed upon supporting the client in developing greater insight and understanding of themselves, working towards healing for emotional difficulties and trauma, problems with relationships, and addressing the many challenges of life. The heart of the work is the 'therapeutic relationship' between client and therapist, which includes working with the healing potential of the creative act within the therapy session. The sessions are verbal as well as visual, and no experience of art making is required.

Link to further information about working together in Art Psychotherapy.

  • Creative Mentoring is geared towards adults who would like either regular or infrequent conversations exploring your own creative work (whether it be visual art, music, writing, etc) from the perspectives of Soul. This work is tailored to your particular needs, and if this appeals you will probably already have some idea of where the conversation needs to begin. The intention is to support you in discovering and working with the deepest inspirations that underlie what you do, articulating the nature of your work, understanding 'blocks' and difficulties in free expression, and meeting the world through art. 

  • You may be an experienced artist, student, starting out on the path of creative exploration, or seeking assistance in finding where the start of that path might be in your life.