Art Psychotherapy
Newport, Gwent


Welcome to my home studio in Newport, where I offer therapy sessions for adults. You can also find me at TIME Counselling and Wellbeing Centre in Risca, where my practice includes children and young people. 

The arts in all their forms can be wonderful teachers and healers, helping us to understand, explore, and enrich our lives. In particular I view image making as a way to engage with the psyche, enabling us to work with, rather than against, our true nature.


Art making in combination with a psychotherapeutic approach contributes to healing traumas, and negotiating the difficulties that life may present to us, whilst also deepening awareness of our best qualities and potentials.  


Who is Art Psychotherapy For?

Art Therapy is a versatile form of psychotherapy that is regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council, and is distinct from 'art as therapy' or types of creative activity for wellbeing.  The therapy incorporates both verbal and visual communication. I work with children, young people, and adults of all ages. You do not need to have any particular knowledge of art, or prior experience of using art materials. The art in art psychotherapy is about self expression, enquiry into conscious and unconscious processes, and making visible what cannot be put into words. It is never thought about in terms of being objectively 'good' or 'bad'.


It is often the case that there may be apprehension around using the art materials during the session. This is quite understandable, and I always take a nurturing and non-judgemental approach with all clients. Making images in therapy often comes more naturally to children, because by the time we move into adulthood we may have experience of our creative endeavours (of whatever kind) in life being rejected, ignored, or misunderstood. How our creativity (in the broadest sense) has been received by the world will influence how it feels to use the materials in the therapy. This also has to do with play, a willingness to try something even though we might not be entirely sure why we have begun or where it will lead. Play, or experimentation also requires a degree of imagination. In adult life these important qualities are not usually highly valued, much to our loss.

What can Art Psychotherapy help with ?

  • Emotional and mental distress - e.g. anxiety, depression, stress, grief

  • Growing in conscious awareness of the psychological realities within yourself, and society

  • Feeling 'stuck', or that life is lacking meaning

  • Relationships - Working with difficulties, and finding greater depth within them

  • Attending to your own creative endeavors in a new context

  • Expressing yourself when it is difficult to find the words for your experience

  • Reclaiming your faculties of playfulness, and creative imagination

  • Discovering and responding to your sense of purpose

  • Exploring spiritual/religious themes and experience

  • Deepening awareness of connection to the wider web of Nature, and the 'more than human' 


How I Work

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