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Visual Arts Scotland 'NORTH' - At Inverness Creative Academy

It's really exciting to have a new painting in this Visual Arts Scotland exhibition. 'The North', in both its geographic, and spiritual forms, has always been an inspiration in my work, and in this piece - 'The North Remembers' - I have attempted to distill something of the quiet, coldly beautiful, inner and outer North. For sales enquiries please contact VAS, or myself. The work has been framed by the always excellent Detail Framing Studio, Edinburgh.

The exhibition features work by many artists whom I greatly admire, such as Andrew MacKenzie (not pictured), Nicola Wiltshire, Gemma Petrie, and Adrian Gardner (exhibition photo credit).

(The above image is linked to Inverness Creative Academy's website)

'The North Remembers'

Acrylic on wood panel

40 x 30 x 2 cm (slightly larger in its new frame)



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