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Art Psychotherapy
Newport(NP19) Monmouthshire & Online
MA, HCPC registered

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Hello, I am Andrew, an Art Psychotherapist in Newport (south east Wales).

I have experience in working with individual adults to explore and resolve themes including emotional difficulties, relationships, and questions around meaning and purpose. I am available for in person and online sessions. Please feel welcome to contact me by email to arrange an appointment, or discuss your requirements.   

The sessions involve conversation (like 'talking' therapies), and you will also have the opportunity to use art materials as part of the therapeutic process, if you wish to. With 15 years of experience in psychotherapy, mental health, and the arts, I bring a range of expertise to our work together. 


On this page you will find essential information regarding beginning therapy with me. From my experience, to information on fees, availability, how to contact me, and what happens next. You will find specific detail about aspects of the work I offer on the other pages. In particular, the 'Who I work with' page describes the areas I specialise in.   


If you are accessing this website via a mobile device, you can easily navigate to other therapy-related pages using the main menu.



My role is to enter into this work alongside you, as we look to find new ways of being, through deepening understanding of your inner life and the world around you. This collaborative approach means there is less focus on the therapist as a source of suggestions or advice, and greater emphasis upon a process of discovery that is led by you (the patient/client). You may be considering psychotherapy due to particular experiences or circumstances that are troubling, or you might be contemplating questions such as 'How can I live a meaningful life?', 'What is my purpose?'. In what can be a chaotic and confusing world, your psychotherapy sessions will provide a nurturing space for enquiry and contemplation, as a necessary part of finding new ways forward. 

Whilst my approach to therapy favours a sense of exploration and creativity, we ensure it remains practical and grounded in what is relevant for you. I believe that psychotherapy is a deeply personal experience, and although I am experienced in working with a particular style of therapeutic process, the form of the therapy is not 'one size fits all', and adapts according to the specific needs of each individual.  


See this page for information on what I can help with, and whether the way I work will be suited to you.

Type of Therapy

I describe my therapeutic work as rooted in Depth Psychology, drawing mostly from Jungian, Psychoanalytic, and Psychodynamic understanding. I am also interested in working with spiritual aspects of the person (Transpersonal psychology), and taking into account our place within the wider web of life (Ecopsychology). Most importantly, we start from where you are, and with what you bring to the therapy. In my view it would be mistaken to believe than any single psychology, or philosophy has all the answers, or offers a way of living suitable for everyone. This is why I prefer a more pluralistic approach, which provides me with different ways of thinking about the themes that arise, and what is happening in the therapy session. It also avoids the need for you to adopt or agree with a particular worldview. Depth Psychology acknowledges that life's mysteries cannot be fully answered, but instead invites us to explore and comprehend our lives through curiosity and a multidimensional lens.


I prioritise establishing a strong and boundaried working alliance between us. This relationship acts as a safe container, providing a nurturing space for psychological healing and transformation. It also offers a valuable window to your inner world, which as the therapeutic process unfolds will aid us in learning about how your emotions, thoughts, and behaviours are influenced by your experience, and identifying patterns that may have developed over time.

For further information regarding how I view psychotherapy, and what happens during the session, see 'my approach to therapy'. 

About me

My route to becoming a psychotherapist in private practice emerged from personally experiencing the benefits offered by various forms of depth psychotherapy over a number of years, and interests in art, spirituality, and Nature. I found that this kind of therapy provided a unique opportunity to explore many different aspects of life, and went on to meet others who have had a similarly positive experience.


Professionally, I bring over a decade of experience from diverse roles in mental health and social care services, as well my commitment to an art practice. Prior to and during my training, I worked in an adult psychiatric service within the NHS. Following my qualification as an Art Psychotherapist, I worked in a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, and later managed a team of staff at a local authority accommodation for young adults. I hold a deep appreciation for the value of art and creative processes, and am committed to my own work as an artist. During therapy sessions, I aim to be an attentive and compassionate witness, and recognise the benefits that humour can bring to therapeutic work when appropriate.


Education & Qualifications

  • MA Art Psychotherapy, Goldsmiths College, University of London (2010 - 2013)

  • Ba(Hons) 1st Class, Fine Art: Contemporary Media, University of South Wales (2005 - 2008)

The Art Psychotherapy training was an immersive three year course in psychodynamic psychotherapy, specialising in working with creative processes within the therapy session. 


Therapy Options

When it comes to how long we work together for, the decision is yours. I primarily offer open-ended therapy, meaning there is no predetermined end date or number of sessions. Although the intention is that the sessions are useful to you from the start, this form of psychotherapy is focussed towards creating lasting healing and change, which is a process that occurs over time. We review and reflect upon our work together as we go along, to ensure it remains relevant and beneficial for you. This also involves keeping an eye on when the time to conclude therapy may come.


Therapy sessions are typically held weekly, but I also work with some people fortnightly. I recommend beginning with weekly meetings for at least the first month, to help establish a foundation for our work together. It is preferable to aim for as much consistency as possible with the timing of sessions, but if you have a changing schedule (perhaps due to work, or study), I may be able to accomodate this.


Alternative Option


Monthly meetings (1.5, or 2 hours - £75/£100)

For those who do not need the frequency of psychotherapy sessions, I can offer ongoing monthly meetings to 'check in', explore your own creative path, give attention to dreams, or other related areas. This can be a particularly useful option for those who would like to work together in person, but live further afield. It is essential that you are willing to use art materials for at least part of these sessions. ​We would first meet for an initial consultation (1 hour, £25) before deciding upon regular meetings.


These are my usual private practice hours, but they do vary on occasion. 

  • Tuesday & Wednesday - 7am - 7pm

  • Thursday - 7am - 4pm

  • Saturday - Available once or twice per month 7am - 11am



Initial consultation, 1 hour - £25 

All other appointments

In person sessions are 1 hour - £50 

Online sessions are 50 minutes - £50

If the full fee is not currently affordable for you, please let me know when you make your initial enquiry so we can discuss this prior to our first meeting. I keep a number of appointments for clients who require a concessionary rate, but these may not always be available. 

Location & Accessibility

My therapy space is conveniently located near Newport city center, with free parking available. The railway station is approximately 1 mile away. By car I am a few minutes from Junction 25 of the M4. Access is via one flight of stairs.

Contacting me / Beginning therapy


If you would like to arrange an appointment or have any questions, you can contact me by sending an email using the details at the bottom of the page. Please briefly outline the reason for your enquiry, but do not include sensitive personal information.

I understand that reaching out to a therapist can be daunting, so I aim to make the process as straightforward as possible.

**I always respond within 72 hours, so please check your spam folder if my reply doesn't appear in your inbox.**

It is not essential to speak on the phone first, but I offer a free of charge 15 minute phone call to discuss your enquiry if you would like to.


*I always reply within 72 hours. Please check your spam folder in case the reply goes there.*

Initial Consultation

Our first meeting held either in person, or online, depending on which format your therapy is to be in. This is an invitation to begin thinking together about the possibility of therapy, and we can consider these areas...

  • The main themes or difficulties that you would like to explore and address.

  • Your ideas about psychotherapy, and how you would like it to be of benefit. 

  • Why now? What is significant for you about the timing of beginning therapy? 

During this meeting you can get a sense of whether we will be a good fit for working together in a constructive way. If we are both agreed that continuing therapy could be beneficial for you, we can plan for further appointments, but there will be no pressure to do so. 

Professional practice 

  • The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) are the regulatory body for Art Psychotherapists in the U.K. My registration number is AS14739. I abide by their code of conduct and ethics, and standards of professional practice.

  • I engage in regular clinical supervision with a suitably qualified and experienced psychotherapist.

  • I hold the required level of professional indemnity insurance.

  • I do not begin work with a new client unless I feel that my knowledge, skills, and experience are appropriate for the presenting concerns. 

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Newport therapy space
Newport therapy space

The therapy space in Newport

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