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Creative Conversations
Arts Mentoring with soul at the center

Why Creative Mentoring, and who is it for?

I have set up this option of working together for those who would like to explore their creative path in depth, but are not seeking Psychotherapy. Whilst there are certainly overlaps in both a philosophical and practical sense, the focus here will always be upon your art, whether that may be painting, writing, dancing, film making, ceramics, acting, etc. I welcome people at all stages of their artistic lives, regardless of how you would describe your status; 'professional', striving 'amateur', or with no intention other than to be creative in private. 

I feel there is a particular need for those who approach their work from a spiritual, esoteric, or soul oriented perspective to have a sympathetically attuned ear and heart with which to share their experience. I am familiar with listening and witnessing in a particular way; validating and accepting of whatever you may bring, whilst also sensitive to the hidden truths and gems that may be obscured. 


What shines through in this context may not have been heard or fully acknowledged before, even by yourself. David Whyte describes poetry as "the art of overhearing yourself say things you didn't realise you already knew," and something similar may happen in our work together. I think we could say of the arts in general that at their best they offer ways of approaching the mysteries of life, and in so doing we may find that what we are seeking has been been at the core of ourselves all along - something both personal and universal. From certain perspectives this resembles the spiritual quest, which for me is at the heart of my own creative work. 


Much 'mentoring' has commercial success as its exclusive goal, and whilst being visible and making a living are welcome to feature as important elements in our work together, we will be attending to these themes with same respect as any other, ensuring the depth of personal and spiritual integrity in your work takes precedent.  

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Making a beginning

To take the first steps towards working together, please send me a message or email using the details at the end of this page. During the first meeting we can get into as much depth as possible regarding your work, and also discuss possibilities for further sessions if you would like to. 

The sessions are held online using Google Meet. On some occasions it may be possible to meet in person at my studio in Newport, if mutually agreed.


The first meeting - £30 / $40 for 1 hour. 

Further meetings

  • £40 / $50 per 1 hour meeting purchased individually

Block bookings payable in advance

  • 4 hours for £140 / $180 - 1 hour meetings

  • 6 hours for £200 / $260 - choose 3 meetings of 2 hours OR 4 meetings of 1.5 hours


Hours purchased as block bookings must be used within a set time period.

4 hours: 10 weeks. 6 hours: 12 weeks. We can discuss how the timing of sessions will be arranged.  

What is the difference between Mentoring & Art Psychotherapy?

There are areas of overlap between the two, but also some important distinctions. Creative mentoring maintains a focus on your art, and whilst you may need to talk about various aspects of life which feature in your work, provide inspiration, or present obstacles, the context will always be your artistic endeavours. In psychotherapy you can express whatever comes to mind at the time, and we will follow the ebb and flow of psyche's weave - wherever it may lead.

You might decide that whilst your main intention for working together is to explore your art, you would value the freedom to look closer at whatever may present itself as we go, and Psychotherapy would offer you this opportunity. You will find in depth information on the Psychotherapy page.

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