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New work published in Scottish Centre for Geopoetics journal

The latest issue of the Scottish Centre For Geopoetics journal is now available online, and includes two new monochrome drawings. These images are from a group of four works, completed towards the end of 2020. At the moment I am undecided about whether the series is complete, how and when to bring the collection as a whole into the light of day. If anyone should see these images and have any thoughts on that, please do get in touch. Stravaig is always a stimulating read, covering ground (and sea) from literature to geology, via deep ecology and the arts. My work follows on from a piece titled Ice by Mandy Haggith, which flows well to me.

It's always a pleasure to be involved with the Geopoetics group in Scotland, and I recommend taking a look at the material on Norman Bissell's YouTube channel.


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