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Creen Craft - Autumn

As Summer ebbs and Autumn colours appear, a new season of Creen Craft sessions are available to book.

This group is for those who wish to go beyond a consideration of Nature as something other, over there, distant from ourselves. An opportunity to explore and express images and themes that hold importance for you, in an environment which nourishes through imagination, challenge, and wholeheartedness. Some participants may be familiar with using art as a mode of expression, others may not. Many people feel that their deepest connection to the natural world comes when participating in activities such as gardening, outdoor pursuits, reading writing on nature, or through a form of spiritual practice. Conversely it is quite common in this present time to feel little or no connection to the living world, or to struggle with this sometimes. So Creen Craft is also for those who sense the loss of something in this regard.

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