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#tendaychallenge - 7. The View From Phraxos

When I was studying art psychotherapy, there was an in-joke between a couple of friends and myself that the whole thing might just be an experiment; the course functioning as an elaborate game and entertainment for the powers that be. We knew that this was to do with projections and perceptions, phantasie's around authority, power, and the function of organisations. There is also the need for therapists to develop a strong capacity for 'not-knowing', staying with the uncertain, leaving the space for possibility, and the course was organised with the purpose of emphasising this at all opportunities. There was the sense that there was something key not being revealed.

In The Magus by John Fowles, the protagonist finds himself immersed in a game (which he does not realise), in which he eventually cannot tell what is real and what is a construct. Phraxos was the Greek island on which the book was set, and I showed this image titled 'The View From Phraxos' (2012) in the end of year exhibition at Goldsmiths.


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