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Drawings to be exhibited at Dartington Hall, Devon.

I'm delighted to be featuring in the exhibition program for the coming year, in the Garden Gallery at Dartington Hall - 19th June until 25th July 2018. I highly recommend taking a look at the work is engaged with, through the many exhibitions and courses on offer. Also that of Schumacher College - where I would probably spend half my life, if my life were different. Further info in due course. This will coincide with Liquidscapes - "A three-day international gathering bringing together creative thinkers and doers to explore physically and figuratively our watery worlds and fluid states."

"Our work focusses on how we live on the planet and on art as a practice of being present and being here. Based on the Dartington estate, we are a centre for learning and creation, each year attracting some of the most enquiring minds and some of the most creative people from across the world to come and spend time finding new energy and knowledge." is allied with the Arts & Ecology programme at Schumacher College. Principle partners are the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World(CCANW) and the research group Research in Art, Nature and Environment (RANE).

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