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Before We Were Even Dreamed - Exhibition in Edinburgh with Rowan Paton

“Landscape was here long before we were even dreamed. It watched us arrive.” Robert MacFarlane, The Wild Places. The author recalls this quote, and notes that he cannot remember its source, during a moment of reverie whilst walking in Scotland. Through their related, yet distinct approaches to painting and drawing, Rowan and Andrew explore the relationship between landscape as visible presence and imaginal expression. A visual language emerges in the conversation between their respective work, that connects the willed and bodily act of image making, to a dreaming of the land. Rowan Paton -

Primarily concerned with Landscape, a preoccupation with mark making, language, colour & print characterise Rowan's work. Utilising appropriated imagery to accomplish a sense of narrative, she creates imagined spaces & environments. Andrew Phillips Andrew’s mixed media drawings explore landscape as an expression of the Numinous. Utilising fine mark making, and gestural application of pastel, to point toward the delicate intricacy, and pure physicality coinciding in Nature. Both artists live and work in Edinburgh.

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