Throughout my life I have felt deeply drawn to certain landscapes, particular places, for both the sheer enjoyment of the experience, and also the feeling that there is something of great significance present, the essence of which lies beyond the edge of our senses. Through drawing and painting I explore 'landscape' as an embodiment of the Numinous, often informed by both my own experiences of the land, and strands of myth, mysticism, and folklore. My images seek to evoke a sense of awe and reverence for the 'more than human world', and offer a response that speaks to both the presence of its inherent beauty, and grief for what has been lost. Bringing these two aspects together is important at this time, as very often they become polarised in terms of how we relate to Nature.

An elected Professional Member of the Society of Scottish Artists, my work has appeared in exhibitions including Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition, Society of Scottish Artists (various), Visual Arts Scotland (various), Royal West of England Academy Annual Exhibition, and other solo/group shows. Original works can be purchased directly from me through this website, or via Talisman Fine Art.

I am a qualified Art Psychotherapist (HCPC registered), and offer in person therapy for adults in Newport. Online appointments are also available. Please visit this page for further information. I offer an integrative approach that incorporates my interests in art and imagination, Jungian/post-Jungian/Archetypal psychology, and Psychoanalytic theory. I value approaches that acknowledge the spiritual aspects of human experience, and our place as beings immersed within Nature.