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The Serpent Hill

The Serpent Hill

This piece takes inspiration from the Usk Valley, between Caerleon and the town of Usk. Driving back to Newport one night, I saw the full moon above Wentwood Forest, as if resting on the tree tops. This area was well known to author Arthur Machen, who was born in Caerleon. The landscape gave form to many of the strange and otherworldly tales that he penned, and is one of my favoured local areas for wandering. When I was a student at the University in Caerleon, I had a view out into the valley, and so in some way this area has infused my work from the beginning.


(The image of the picture ‘in a room’ is intended to offer a general idea of scale and appearance. Any work on paper will require framing in order to be displayed.)

50(w) x 35(h) cm

Acrylic and ink on paper

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