Adoration - (7)

Adoration - (7)

Acrylic painting on wood panel.


My work is generally comprised of two key elements; adoration or reverence, and lament. Much of the time I would not distinguish too sharply between which pieces of work I would apply the respective terms to individually, because my key aim is that beauty and grief should be united in the images. However, to my mind these particular paintings do carry more qualities of veneration and reverence about them. My principle inspiration for working on small wood panels is to create a style of 'icon' painting, at least in terms of purpose, and according to my own particular inclinations.


This work is unframed, and would lend itself to a number of different options in order to be displayed at its best. 

10(w) x 10(h) x 0.5(d) cm

Acrylic on wood panel